Representative Rob Kauffman spoke to out group about the PA State Budget and all the factors surrounding it.  He especially spoke about the school funding and how the State has increased funding for education over the past 10 years. 


Triangle Tech presented to the club about their training facility coming to Chambersburg.  The training center will be located at Letterkenny property near the jail.  Training for welders will be the focus at the Chambersburg site.


Jen Gossert from the YMCA came to speak about the Dark to Light program.  She spoke to us concerning a proactive approach to developing awareness with child abuse prevention.


Carrissa Martin discussed Monarch’s Way in Marion, PA.  The home is for helping young girls to be transformed from suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, and other areas to make them productive members of society.


Ms. Diane Kelso from The Chambersburg Child Advocacy Center spoke to us concerning the progress of the CAC.  Diane told us that will see 300 cases this year for children and families in crisis.  Diane also spoke about how our club was crucial in the development of the CAC in the beginning and is so thankful of our continued support.


District Attorney, Matt Fogal, spoke to the club about drug abuse and the successes of law enforcement concerning this area. Thanks for sharing and for your hard work in making our community safe.


Annette Searfoss spoke about the Head Start Program and how it benefits the children in the community.  Thank you for sharing your goals and passion concerning this wonderful program.


Penny Shaul spoke about what’s been happening in downtown Chambersburg.    She shared that the downtown has many retail stores and 10 restaurants for people to visit.  Downtown is the heart of America with small businesses to strengthen the economy.  She shared that our local community needs to support the downtown merchants to make our community strong.  Thank you for sharing!


Ms. Maggie Lattin, the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club spoke at our meeting concerning their goals and needs.  Their goal for this year is to assist children to read on grade level.  Thank you for sharing your passion with our group!