The Exchange Club of Chambersburg, PA, is a local service chapter of the National Exchange Club founded in 1911. The Chambersburg, PA club began a chapter in 1985 by 27 local businessmen. The club is a 5014C and the Foundation is a 501C3. Speakers are obtained monthly on variety of topics. As in many service clubs, membership fluctuates due to many reasons. The highest number since 1985 was 48 members and currently we are at 20 members. As in any volunteer / membership organization there is a percentage of active members.

The Exchange Club of Chambersburg since 1985 has spent countless hours of volunteering in fundraising to support vital community needs. Over the years our primary fundraiser, The Comedy and Magic Show, has enabled us to donate over a million dollars back to the Chambersburg community.


VISION of an Exchange Club is a strong America, safe communities, and unified people.
MISSION of Exchange is to inspire communities to become better places to live through a primary focus on the safety and security of our youth.
MOTTO is Unity for Service
CORE VALUES are Family, Community, Country


Troy Garman – President
Angie Lynch – Vice President
Courtney Shauf – Treasurer
Pat Abbott – Secretary
Jennifer Connelly- Foundation Treasurer
Mike Meier (Past President)
Tracy Rush
Karyn Gramata
Eric Alleman
Mark Long



Our club members in areas of expertise were significant in starting the Children’s Advocacy Center in Franklin County in 2014.   Prior years the club has supported funding for Educational Parenting Classes.    In the late 80’s and early 90’s a parenting center was maintained by Exchange Club and Board of Directors.


Back to School shopping for children in the social service system.  Many children are in homes with limited resources.  We recognize that new clothing brings to a child’s self-esteem and chances for success and acceptance in school.  Other programs include first time scholarships for needy high school students to pursue college level classes while still in CASD, the establishment of internet “hot spots” to facilitate online learning for students without internet access during the pandemic, the funding of after school tutoring program through NETwork Ministries, donations to the Diaper Depot for new mothers in need, donations to various non-profits that deal with programs for youth in crisis/in need.


Locally, the club has most recently provided funding for the therapeutic riding program for returning veterans with disabilities.  The club members in late 80’s started with handing out flags at parades.   The focus is to provide men and women who serve/have served in the Armed Forces with assistance and recognition for their service.


Prior to Covid and the abolition of in-person schooling, we had an Excel Club at the Career Magnet high school.  The purpose was to provide credit for community service for the Excel club members.  Our hope is that as schedules and staffing return to pre-pandemic levels, we will again be able to reactivate the Excel club.